Piccoli’s lab developed research in modeling crowd movements (pedestrians) as well as vehicular traffic, using control theory, ordinary and partial differential equations. The new frontier is to pair these models with data possibly coming from drones. The research is performed in collaborations with various partners, including Rutgers-NB and UC Berkeley. The research is at the beginning phase, thus students will mainly learn about the subject and help with literature review, organize meetings, and other activities.
Various projects are in the submission phase, thus funding may be later available.

Keywords/Areas of Study: mathematical modeling, crowd dynamics, vehicular traffic

Hourly Time Commitment ( Per Week): no fewer than 5h week, no more than 10h week

Length of Commitment: 2 semesters

Modality: Online

Type of Opportunity: Volunteer (e.g., research assistant)

Start Date: Ongoing

Requirements: GPA 3.0 Courses: Calc sequence. Optional: linear algebra, differential equations.

Contact Faculty Lead: 
Benedetto Piccoli
Department of Mathenmatics
Contact: piccoli@camden.rutgers.edu 
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