Our lab works in computational biology. We analyze genomes, ranging from viruses to humans to find out how mutations in genomes change their function. For example, how they lead to cancer. Based on your interests we can find tasks suitable for your specific skill set, from data visualization to writing code for data analysis. All work is done on your own computer at home. You’ll receive tutorials teaching you how to perform your tasks. Successful students may get further support from campus grants and may be able to co-author (or receive acknowledgement on) our lab research papers.

Requirements: Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, having a computer.

Keywords/Areas of Study: genome, DNA, computational biology

Hourly Time Commitment (per week): No fewer than 2 hours, and no more than 15 hours.

Length of Commitment: No fewer than 2 months, and no more than 2 semesters.

Start Date: Ongoing

Modality: Online

Type of Opportunity: 

  • Credit- or course-based (e.g., independent study, capstone project)
  • Volunteer (e.g., research assistant)

Contact Faculty Lead:
Andrey Grigoriev Ph.D.
Department of Biology
Contact: andrey.grigoriev@rutgers.edu
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