Faculty Funding

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Graduate Funding 

Chair: Dr. Michelle Meloy, Associate Dean of the Graduate School–Camden
(856) 225-6149

Undergraduate Funding

Chair: Dr. Jane Siegel, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
(856) 225-6143
Coordinator: Julie Roncinske, Assistant Dean III
(856) 225-2953 

Research and Funding Committee

  • Permanent members: Dr. Michelle Meloy (chair-graduate), Dr. Jane Siegel (chair-undergraduate), Julie Roncinske (non-voting)
  • Humanities and Fine Arts: Dr. Mark Zaki (2-year term, through 2025) and Dr. Susan Mokhberi (2-year term, through 2023)
  • Social Sciences: Dr. Richard Stansfield (2-year term, through 2024) and Dr. Michael Boyle (2-year term, through 2023) 
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Dr. Hunter King (2-year term, through 2025) and Dr. Desmond Lun (2-year term, through 2023)