Arts and Sciences Funds and Grants

Camden College of Arts and Sciences and University College–Camden students can apply for grants to support and present their research.

Undergraduate Travel Grants

In 2022-23, Undergraduate Travel Grants provide up to $2,000.00 to support student travel for purposes of conducting research or presenting their research at a conference. For example, a student might need to travel to another city to consult an archive or to utilize specialized lab equipment not available on campus. Grants can also be used for conference registration, transportation, lodging, and meals if students are presenting their research at a conference. Travel grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Students wishing to travel must comply with the university’s travel policy: Information about travel expenses, how to book travel, and requesting to travel locally (NJ, PA, NY, CT, DE) are available at this site:

Undergraduate Research Grants

In 2022-23, Undergraduate Research Grants provide up to $1,500 to purchase materials not available through the college but needed to carry out research or creative activity projects (e.g. specialized lab equipment, fees for archival reproductions, compensation to research participants, art materials, sheet music). Grants are available to students in any discipline. A project must have a faculty sponsor and be approved by the department chair. Grants are awarded by a faculty committee. Undergraduate Research Grant Applications are due on the following dates:

Friday, September 30
Friday, December 2
Friday, April 28

For research reimbursement guidelines please see the Procedures for Requesting Reimbursement.

Summer Research Grants

The Summer Undergraduate Research Grant (SURG) provides undergraduate students in the Rutgers–Camden College of Arts and Sciences or University College–Camden with payment of $5,000 to support significant student research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Students must be undergraduates returning to Rutgers–Camden in the fall. Recipients of a SURG are required to work a minimum of 240 hours over a period of ten weeks, according to a schedule agreed upon with the faculty mentor in advance. Recipients whose research requires materials not otherwise available at Rutgers are eligible to apply for up to $1,500 for an undergraduate research grant. The SURG application form includes an optional budget request for such items, so students can apply for the funds for materials at the same time they apply for the SURG. NOTE: If the research requires travel (e.g. to an archive, museum, lab), students may also apply for an Undergraduate Travel Grant by submitting an Undergraduate Travel Grant. Applications for Undergraduate Travel Grants are accepted on a rolling basis (see “Undergraduate Travel Grants” above).

Summer Research Grant Applications Dates are due April 7, 2023.


Chancellor’s Funds and Grants

Chancellor’s Grant for Student Independent Research

The Chancellor’s Grant for Independent Student Research intends to support student involvement in independent research or creative projects under the direction of a faculty mentor. The program encourages students’ experiences in defining objectives and selecting methodologies appropriate for original research or creative projects in their chosen field of study. This grant program is in addition to the Arts and Sciences Research Grants offered through the FASC-Office of the Dean.

Application Deadlines:

  • December 2
  • April 28

Apply on the Rutgers–Camden Chancellor’s Grant website at