My lab is working on several projects involving applications to biology, most notably to the area of quantitative systems pharmacology. This research area is based on mathematical and computational models to improve drug discovery and pharmacology. The Food and Drug Administration recently recognized mathematical models as an admissible tool to prove drug’s efficacy and safety. The research is highly interdisciplinary in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and other institutions.
The student would work in strict collaboration with other lab members and help with the research activities, which may vary from literature review, meeting organization, all the way to code development.
The work is volunteer but, budget pending, some funds may become available.

Keywords/Areas of Study: QSP, mathematical modeling, biological networks

Hourly Time Commitment ( Per Week): no fewer than 5 hours, no more than 10 hours

Length of Commitment: 2 semesters

Modality: Online

Type of Opportunity: Volunteer (e.g., research assistant)

Start Date: Ongoing

Minimum Requirements: GPA 3.0. Courses: Calc sequence. Optional: differential equations, comp modeling. Familiarity with codes in Matlab/Python.

Contact Faculty Lead:
Benedetto Piccoli Ph.D.
Department of Mathematics
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