Project Description:

Researcher at the Digital Studies Center (DiSC) work in a group called “Well Played” doing video game research and designing events to share the results of that research. Researchers conduct analysis of games from a variety of theoretical perspectives. Current research projects are focused on accessibility and disability studies as well as queer theory, but the group addresses a wide range of games, disciplines, and perspectives. They also generate internal DiSC white papers to document that research and shared their research during Well Played events, which invite audience members to both learn about the research and to play the games in question.

Keywords/Areas of Study: digital studies, video games

Hourly Time Commitment (per week): 5-10 hours per week

Length of Commitment: commitment varies based on regular evaluation by professor and student availability

Modality: Face-to-face (specify days or times per week)

Type of Opportunity: Paid (e.g., Federal Work Study, funded research assistant)

Contact Faculty Lead:
Jim Brown
Digital Studies
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