The Relationships, Health, and Aging Lab has several research projects at different stages. Recent and ongoing projects include a Spanish-language intervention to train a family member/friend to coach Latino people with diabetes to better manage their diabetes; an intervention to promote healthy eating in group homes of adults with intellectual and developmental disabiliites; and understanding family/friend involvement in physical activity among heart disease patients who have completed cardiac rehabilitation.

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Undergraduate research assistants enroll in independent study (either in psychology of health sciences) and attend weekly lab meetings for one hour during free period (typically on Tuesdays, although the exact day may differ semester-to-semester). Students work collaboratively or independently on assigned tasks.

Keywords/Areas of Study: relationships, health behaviors, chronic disease, diverse populations

Hourly Time Commitment (per week): No fewer than 6 hours, and no more than 9 hours.

Length of Commitment: No fewer than one semester but preferably two semesters.

Modality: Face-to-face

Type of Opportunity: 

  • Credit- or course-based (e.g., independent study, capstone project)

Contact Faculty Lead:
Kristin August
Department of Psychology, Department of Health Sciences
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