The Camden Decision Lab conducts research on a wide variety of subjects ranging from imperfect perception and memory and their effects on judgments (with economist John Smith), automatic imitation and action (with psychologists Robrecht van Der Wel and Cedric Bouquet), people’s attitudes about environmental protection, the future of climate, and renewable energy with a specific focus on Offshore Wind energy in New Jersey. In the past the lab has investigated cultural differences in thought, the development of spatial reasoning and representation, and game theory. Please see our lab website for updated info about current studies and directions:

More information about this lab is available at 

Dr. Duffy’s publications on this work can be found at

Keywords/Areas of Study: Perception, memory, judgment, environmentalism, cognitive development, culture and thought

Hourly Time Commitment (per week): 3-9 hours generally, some weeks more some less.

Length of Commitment: 2-4 semesters is ideal, but will entertain periods outside that range.

Modality: Face-to-face

Type of Opportunity: 

  • Credit- or course-based (e.g., independent study, capstone project)
  • Volunteer (e.g., research assistant)

Contact Faculty Lead:
Sean Duffy
Department of Psychology
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