Project Description:

Are you a bilingual student (Spanish/English) interested in family medicine, pediatrics, and community health? Then this is the project for you! This interdisciplinary investigation is focused on examining the linguistic and social-emotional development of infants from Latinx families with low socioeconomic status living in NJ. Students interested in participating in this research will be involved in a wide range of tasks (transcribing parent/child observations, coding data, and project development) that will provide them with knowledge about bilingual language development, potential improvements to pediatric care, and ways in which literacy can be enhanced among the Latinx community.

Keywords/Areas of Study: Latino, health, early literacy, language, minorities, World Languages and Cultures.

Hourly Time Commitment (per week): No fewer than 10 hours per week

Length of Commitment: No fewer than 1 semester

Modality: Hybrid

Type of Opportunity: Credit- or course-based (e.g., independent study, capstone project), Volunteer (e.g., research assistant)

Contact Faculty Lead:
Silvia Perez-Cortes
World Languages and Cultures
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