Effective immediately, all official business travel * that is submitted for reimbursement must be pre-approved by the traveler’s dean, director, or department head.

  1. Before you travel, download the Preapproval Travel Form and either fill it out electronically then print or print and then fill out by hand.
  2. The Preapproval Travel Form must be completed and submitted for approval to your departmental secretary before travel arrangements are initiated.     
  3. The departmental secretary will fill in the general ledger/project string and forward to the Departmental Chair and the Business Office for approval.    
  4. Be sure to submit your form as soon as possible from the date of your trip to ensure that there are no delays on your travel arrangements and reimbursement.
  5. The approved form has to be attached to expense report for official business trips.
  6. RU faculty and staff travelers who travel to international destinations on university business must register through the online Faculty and Staff International Travel Registration
  7. Note that all purchases of goods and services should be handled through RU MarketPlace.  If a vendor is not already a supplier in MarketPlace, ask your departmental secretary to contact the company to see if they will accept a purchase order. If they do, the departmental secretary will set them up in RU Marketplace.


*Official business travel is defined as travel over 100 miles from the traveler’s place of residence or official work site.