2015-2016 Arts and Sciences Annual Research Fellow2015-2016 Faculty Research and Creative Activities Program Recipients2015-2016 Graduate Program Enhancement Grant Recipients

2015-2016 Arts and Sciences Annual Research Fellow

Dr. Paul Jargowsky, Department of Public Policy and Administration
“The Architecture of Segregation: Public Policy and the Origin of Spatial Inequality”

2015-2016 Faculty Research and Creative Activities Program Recipients

Dr. Maureen Donaghy, Department of Political Science
“Democratizing Urban Development: Displacement, Mobilization, and Inclusion across Cities in the US and Brazil”

Dr. Próspero García, Department of Foreign Languages 
“Empowering NJ foreign language educators: Concept-based Instruction as a gateway to success”

Dr. Ana Laguna, Department of Foreign Languages 
“Cervantes, the Baroque, and the Iberian Modernity Project”

Dr. Joan Mazelis, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice 
“The Cost of a College Degree: How Students Pay for College and the Transmission of Inequality”

Dr. Jongmin Nam, Department of Biology 
“Genome-scale Reporter Assay Method for cis-regulatory modules (GRAMc)”

2015-2016 Graduate Program Enhancement Grant Recipients 

Department of Childhood Studies
“Doctoral Student Recruitment Strategy: International Partnerships with Child and Youth Studies at Brock University (Canada)”

Creative Writing Program
“Improving Recruitment Materials and Strategies for the MFA Program at Rutgers–Camden”

Teaching Spanish Program
“Making an International Program Truly International: The Global Expansion of the Master in Teaching Spanish, MAT”