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“How the body language of a mouse may help us find new pain medicine that’s safer than opioids.”

Chronic pain affects nearly a third of the US population. A major contributing factor to the opioid epidemic is a lack of safe pain therapeutic alternatives, but the pain research field has had significant challenges finding new ways to treat pain patients. Some have thought this is derived from inconsistencies in the research methods used to test new drugs in animal models. Join us to learn about the intersection of chronic pain, the opioid epidemic and how we’re improving computational neuroethological tools to advance translational pain research.


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About Dr. Nathan T. Fried

Dr. Nathan T. Fried is an Assistant Teaching Professor at Rutgers University Camden’s Department of Biology studying the mechanisms behind how sleep disruption impacts chronic pain. For the past ten years, he has used modern neuroscience techniques to tease apart the circuits and molecular mechanisms behind the development of chronic pain and migraine. Alongside his research, he also focuses on training first-generation low-income undergraduates and other students from underrepresented backgrounds to successfully launch scientific careers.