Anthony Monte Carlo ‘22
Major: Biology
Minor: Leadership Studies
Affiliation: RU MARC U-Star Program

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jinglin Fu, Associate Professor of Chemistry


G-quadruplex DNA are guanine-rich nucleic acid strands capable of promiscuous hybridization within itself. The structure of G-quadruplex enables it to perform a number of different functions in biochemistry. G-quadruplex is capable of binding to various biomolecules, acting as an enzyme mimicking molecule, and the enhancement of organic dye emissions in biochemical assays. This work is focused on documenting the properties of G- quadruplex/Hemin, which has demonstrated a capacity to mimic peroxidase enzymes due to its heme functional group. In this work, we document the peroxidase activity of G- quadruplex/Hemin under various conditions compared to better known peroxidases, and propose methods to increase its efficiency and stability for future use in biomolecular sensing applications.


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