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Thursday, April 13, 2017
Time: Free Period
Location: Campus Center Multipurpose Room


The College of Arts and Sciences and University College will again present CURCA, an opportunity to showcase and celebrate your research and creative activity. CURCA is part of the Faculty of Arts and Science–Camden’s first annual Research Week, which includes a graduate-level research celebration and a Faculty Research Fellow Lecture.


Research Project Abstracts

Zahra Alkazaz ’17, Rachel Andrews ’19, Dana Dilapo ’18, Lanye Halliday ’18, Stacey Heaton ’17, Kory Otero ’17, Emoni Poteat ’18, Michelle Rivera ’17, and Valerie Rivera ’17
Title of Project: Rutgers–Camden Campus Pride Index 

Chigozie Amugo ’17
Title of Project: Determining Calcium Concentration in Milk Using X-Ray Spectroscopy

Fitzroy Campbell Jr. ’17
Title of Project: Where Do Non-Black Allies Stand in Black Lives Matter

Rachel Carr ’17
Title of Project: A Hidden Ecosystem Service: Terrestrial Arthopods and Food Security

Tianna Carter ’17
Title of Project: Adversity, Social Support, and Multi-Domain Competence in the Lives of Mothers Experiencing Homelessness

Joseph Ciurlino ’17
Title of Project: The Physical Fictional: Materiality and Reader Response in S. and Building Stories

Anthony Cooper ’18
Title of Project: Molecular Modeling of a Probe in 2D IR Spectroscope

Austin Cuttino ’20
Title of Project: Creating a Crewdson: Crewdson Reinterpreted

Katrina DeWitt ’18
Title of Project: Caught in the Web: Spiders and Their Webs as Bio-Indicators

Kevin de Young ’17
Title of Project: Identification of Noval Genes Involved in Caulobacter Stalk Synthesis and Regulation

Mia Di Lolle ’18
Title of Project: Study of the Effect of Food Starvation on the Morphology of the Dorsal Ridge on Drosophila nebulosa eggshells

Morgan Dwyer ’18
Title of Project: Characterizing the Quantitative Genetic Elements of Conidiation in Neurospora crassa

William Epstein ’17
Title of Project: Write it Off: Gender and Technology in the Writing Center

Fatima Nur Er ’18
Title of Project:
On the Occurrence of Mixed Synapses: The Source

Michael Feeney ’17
Title of Project:
Psychology and the Study of Behavior? A Content Analysis of the Use of Behavior in Personality Journals from 2011-2015

Kimberly Flores ’19
Title of Project:
Two Faces of the Immigrant Experience: Journeys across the Mexico-US Border

Jacob Foster ’17
Title of Project: The Psychology of Gesture in Contemporary Art

Danielle Genay ’17
Title of Project: Do Nectar and Insect Frass Modify Interactions between Fungus Farming Ants and Plants?

Chris Gillespie ’17 and Andre Smith ’18
Title of Project:
Quadrilateral Construction Given Fixed Edge Lengths

Desiree Harris ’17
Title of Project: Experiences Leading to Homelessness: Effects of Age on Young Children

Rosaura Hernandez ’17
Title of Project:
An Examination of Self-Esteem, Quality of Life, and Body Satisfaction among Chronically Ill and Healthy Adults

Matthew Higgins ’17
Title of Project: 13

Grace Houmba Loussakou ’17
Title of Project:
Changes in the Forebrain of Goldfish with Learning

Ashley Lewis ’17
Title of Project:
Brain Regions Active during Female Orgasm

Laura Malek ’17
Title of Project: The Effects of Alcohol Content on the Formation of Beta Sheet Structures in Regenerated Silk-Cellulose Biomaterials from Ionic Liquids

Leah Mena ’17
Title of Project: Kagutsuchi: Yukiko’s Love

Marina Mikheil ’18 and Nguyen Nguyen ’18
Title of Project:
Eggshell Structures in Drosophiladae: Function and Development

Anna Moorhouse ’19
Title of Project:
Laser-Induced Nanoparticles Restructuring Studied at the Single-Particle Level

Brian O’Rourke ’17
Title of Project: The Curious Case of Sydney Gruson

Merve Ozbas ’18
Title of Project: Analysis of Varients in Tumor Genomes

Adriana Pereira ’17
Title of Project: Aptamer-Switched DNA Logic Gate for Biosensing

Michael C. Picardi ’18
Title of Project: Achieving Egalitarianism through Changes in Liberalism, Libertarianism, and the Mind

Mary Pollard ’18
Title of Project: How Writing Centers Impact First-Generation College Students

Radha Prabakaran ’17
Title of Project: They Tried to Bury Us: Grassroots Organizing in High Education

Kadeem Pratt ’17
Title of Project:
Uninsured Teens, Dropout Rates, and Persistent Poverty

Dmitriy Prokopovich ’18
Title of Project: Impact of Phosphorylation and Pseudo-Phosphorylation on the Stages of Aggregation of the Microtubule Associated Protein Tau

Giselle Ramos Rivera ’17
Title of Project:
Spanglish in New Jersey: Examining Latino’s Perceptions and Usage

Abby Robinson ’17
Title of Project: Gold Nanoparticle Mediated Rupture of Polymersomes Using Ultrafast Single Pulse Irradiation

Dominic Scola ’19 and Peter Ho ’17  
Title of Project: Generating Quadrilaterals with a Given Set of Angles

Kayla Seenarine ’18
Title of Project:
Networked Learning and Deviant Art Tutorials

Shaun Tung ’18
Title of Project: Small Oligomers of the Protein Amyloid-Beta and Membrane Damage in Alzheimer’s disease

Vanessa Whitt ’17
Title of Project: Examining the Association between Disassociation during Sex and Condom Use Self-Efficacy among Abused Women: Implications for HIV Interventions  

Angela Wollard ’17
Title of Project:
Invasive Species Impact on Nutrient Dynamics: A Meta-Analysis

David Yang ’17
Title of Project:
Co-Aggregations of Nucleic Acid Nanostructures with Tetracycline Molecules Combined with a Magnesium Binding-Mediate 

Zachary Zampino ’18
Title of Project:
Fight for the Throne