Grants are available from the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and University College to support undergraduate research projects or creative work.  The work must be done under faculty supervision.  Applications are accepted three times each academic year; the due dates for the 2019-2020 academic year are October 30, December 4, and April 29.  Applicants should indicate the period of time the grant is meant to cover (for example, semester, academic year, or summer).  Students must be enrolled in the Camden College of Arts and Sciences or University College–Camden throughout the period covered by this grant.  Funding cannot be offered to students to support research after graduation.

Checklist for the Application form

  • Applicants will need to sign the signature page (page 1 of Docusign form);
  • The application (pages 2-3 of Docusign form)
  • A proposal that includes:
    • a statement of the problem to be studied,
    • specific aims of the project,
    • a description of the utility of studying this issue (i.e., what are the applications of this research?),
    • a brief overview of the relevant research that informs the project,
    • an explanation of the methodology to be employed,
    • a timeline for completion of the project, and
    • expected outcomes for the project;
  • A list of the literature supporting the proposed research (one page total);
  • A professional statement that details how this grant will promote your future plans (250 word maximum);
  • A of your transcript (an unofficial copy will suffice);
  • A letter of support from the faculty member who will supervise your project; and
  • A detailed budget explaining how funds will be used (the maximum amount available is $500). 


Be careful to avoid discipline-specific jargon; not all of the grant reviewers will be from your field of study.  Be sure to indicate both your knowledge of the topic to be studied and the relevance of this issue to people outside of your field.  Students should indicate the extent to which they have experience already doing the sort of work they are proposing (e.g., past experience working with this mentor, class experience, other qualifications) and what they hope to gain from engaging in this research (e.g., experience that will help prepare you for graduate study).  


Incomplete applications will not be reviewed by the Arts and Sciences Dean’s Undergraduate Research Committee.


If awarded, either your faculty advisor may charge expenses associated with your research to an account that you will be created for you, or you may file for reimbursement of expenses following university regulations.  Any questions about reimbursement for expenses may be directed to your departmental secretary, who will be responsible for processing the reimbursement.   


Grants are made possible with funds donated to the Arts and Sciences Academic Excellence Funds.  Students are required to present their research at the annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (CURCA), which will be held in April 2020. Students also may be asked to meet with donors on selected occasions.


Return the entire application packet to:


Julie Roncinske, Assistant Dean III for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences–Office of the Dean