This award is aimed at providing Part-Time Lecturers additional resources to help enhance teaching and learning. Grants up to $500 each will be awarded. 

Application and Submission

  • Any current part-time lecturer may apply.
  • Applications should include:


Applications are due to the Associate Dean for Research by Wednesday, March 22, 2017.  Electronic submissions (Adobe PDF) are required and should be sent to fasresearch@camden.rutgers.edu. Save your file name as LastName_Department_PTLGrant_Date.  Please indicate “2017-2018 PTL Teaching Grants” in the subject line of your email.


The Research Funding Committee will evaluate and rank all proposals. 

Research Award Reimbursable Expenses:

Awards for these programs take the form of research grants and as such carry certain university-mandated restrictions regarding approved uses of awarded funds.

  1. The awards should be used in their entirety by the end of the academic year. Any unused funds will be forfeited.
  2. Allowable uses include travel, conference, archival research, fieldwork, and similar reimbursable expenses. Please see page one of this document.
  3. Oversight and budgetary control will reside with the FASC Dean’s Office.  Please consult with this office when developing your budget. Expenses and costs must comply with all relevant university policies, and state and federal regulations.  
  4. Budgeted categories must include only one‐time costs.  These funds are temporary, and may not be used for permanent on‐going costs.   
  5. Recurring costs, such as telephone, rent, or lease costs, should not be charged to the grant.  Costs related to repair and maintenance of grounds and buildings, custodial and vehicular supplies, and selected other non‐academic expenses are NOT allowable under the grant.
  6. Hourly payment of a student worker is NOT allowed under the grant.  Faculty, post‐doctoral fellow, part‐time/temporary, and TA/GA salaries, including summer salaries, may NOT be charged to the grant.   Student aid or student tuition and fee costs are NOT allowable.  Costs associated with the purchase of equipment or software, or facilities renovations may NOT be charged to the grant. No permanent hiring may be done with these funds.
  7. Transcription services are NOT allowed.
  8. To be reimbursed for research supplies
    1. Provide original receipts
    2. Receipts should include date, evidence of payment and zero balance due.
    3. Pre-approved software purchases should be made through RCIT/RIAS.
  9. To be reimbursed for participant compensation
    1. Only allowed with active IRB numbers may request reimbursement.
    2. If participation is not confidential, the signature sign in sheet with the date compensation was received needs to be submitted.
    3. If participation is confidential, a numbered sheet with the date the compensation was received needs to be submitted with a note that says that names will be maintained by the department.

For research reimbursement guidelines please see the Procedures for Requesting Reimbursement