Tania Martinez ‘22
Majors: Philosophy and Political Science
Minor: Spanish
Affiliation: Honors College

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jim Brown, Director of the Digital Studies Center and Associate Professor of English


Voices of Immigration is an interdisciplinary research podcast. The goal of this podcast is to discuss the different layers of immigrant experiences across our nation, and we research why it is that their narratives are distinct. We hope to bring awareness to the various struggles that generational immigrants undergo. The podcast would promulgate what the “American Experience” truly is by changing the typical narrative. The first phase of this project focuses on student voices and tells what their story is by connecting it to the political and social issues we hear about in the news or on social media. These stories can range from students’ experiences as a DACA recipient to living as a Middle Eastern Individual in a post 9/11 world. The student experiences and storytelling lead us to the task of collecting relevant data and research and provide a unique analysis of how their story represents a more significant issue. This research will also be revelatory to how systematic the various problems are. This approach through podcasting achieves the same message in two different manners. It humanizes the politics/social issues we hear about while also giving the many voices that are affected an elucidation of why these political and social problems exist.

Listen to episodes on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/3v25ClhHNcq6wHTEhgL8MD?si=JORiHnFuQvy63oPbfxD-5A


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